Japanese Lawyer daily drives his McLaren P1

Meet the hero who commutes to work in his hypercar on a regular basis.

The gentleman's name is Go Hiramatsu, who is a lawyer in Tokyo, Japan. While most P1s are likely used only occasionally, Hiramatsu-san uses it on a daily basis, commuting from his home to his office in the downtown Ginza district.

mclaren p1 daily driven tokyo

At the weekends he pushes it even harder. He takes it around the Fuji International Speedway and when the mood strikes, he takes it up the Hakone Turnpike, the hillclimb toll road known as Japan's equivalent of the German Nürburgring. Given the fact that he also happens to own another McLaren, 650S to be exact, he should know a thing or two about McLarens.

I called it hypecar ownership, done correctly. This guy is someone we all aspire to be..

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